Integrity ・ Resilience ・  Passion

Chatsworth Schools is a family of Nurseries and Schools – from 1 to 18, Co-Ed and Girls, academic and non-selective. We nurture and promote the learning and welfare of all pupils in our care and help enable them to be happy, fulfilled, successful, complete citizens of the future.


At Chatsworth Schools, we believe it is our duty to build the most amazing learning experiences for all our pupils so that they can embrace the world, so that we can enable them to have Integrity, be Resilient and develop Passions which will travel with them through their life.


Through innovative, caring and pupil-focused education we must all pupils to enable their voices to be heard, for their hearts to be fearless, and for them to change the world.

Chatsworth vision board

Continuing Professional Development



Everyone knows that the essence of education is pupil learning, but at Chatsworth Schools, we also put great emphasis on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for all our staff. CPD refers to the process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge, and experience that staff gain formally and informally through their work. In short, it is a record of what we experience, learn and then apply. It is the on-going management of development by each member of staff.


Chatsworth Schools is totally committed to CPD, as we see the process as an overview of a person’s professional development to date; one’s achievements; the direction and focus of one’s career; where there may be gaps in skills or development skills and ways in which these may be helped.


Chatsworth Schools is here to give guidance, support and time to allow all staff to make the very best of the process. We have invested in our own training hub within our headquarters so we can continue to deliver the highest quality conferences, seminars, meetings and general family get togethers! We welcome educational leaders, inspirational speakers, global influences and life – long learners to share our journey and their stories in a calendar of events.